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our thoughts are with you  / Julie Schneider (friend)  Read >>
our thoughts are with you  / Julie Schneider (friend)
Joanne and Family,

So sorry to hear of your loss.
Our thoughts are with you.
If you need to talk I will be here.

love from,
Where To Begin...  / Cindy Johnson (Friend)  Read >>
Where To Begin...  / Cindy Johnson (Friend)
My heart is deep with sorrow..Joanne, I will always be here for you. I pray your Family and Friends surround you with love enough to make the sunshine fully in your heart again...Tyler will be a huge part of that sunshine.... Close
Tyler / Pamela Palmer (GB friend to Joanne )  Read >>
Tyler / Pamela Palmer (GB friend to Joanne )

My deepest sympathy to your family .Stay strong and know  Tyler is home now and at peace. Prayers to the family and his girlfriend

Tyler.I Miss You  / Carrie Bragg (Good Friend*<3 )  Read >>
Tyler.I Miss You  / Carrie Bragg (Good Friend*<3 )
i miss you Tyler Cottam..

        Welll..still trying to believe your still here. its crazy that this happened but im still trying to remember all the good times. We spent so many memories the past year and a half.. they have been so much fun.. i remember the first day of highschool..scared soo much and first thing i heard was "Hey Carrie..Cameron thinks your hot"..i was wicked embarassed..but i thought it was funny.
         You always looked out for me while i was in my first year of highschool...made me feel good knowing i had someone there watching my back..me and you got along so great.i am just going to miss that so much. 
         I also miss your laugh and the way you could make people feel happy even at the worst times of there lives. I miss your smiling face everyday when you would walk onto the bus or just see you everyday. Just seeing your smile everyday made me accomplish so many things in life. I'll miss everything about you. 
         Wow..cant even start on the curling thing in nestor[first battle royale] ..that was soo fun..we watched the stars that night..seen a few shooting stars and wished on every one of them ..i wish that moment could have lasted forever. 
         You were one of the greatest guys ive ever met and i will never meet someone as great as you. You always had that thing about you..and everyone liked you. Tyler you were loved soo much and everyone is hurting so bad knowing that your not here to spend just one more moment with them and myself. 
          On the bus rides. those were the funnest days ever. You were always the loudest and even when a sound was made we always knew it was you. Still wicked fun. I remember you singing all these songs to me while we had to sit in the front of the bus. You were always a great singer.
           There is so much to say but you always knew how i felt about you and will always feel about you and i want you to know i will miss you and i will love you forver. Keep wishing on those shooting stars. I will be there someday to help make wishes with you.  Your a great guy and if anyone ever told you different.. i hope you didnt listen to them. Thanks for always being there and being a great friend. Ty. you were like the brother i never had.
I love you Tyler James Cottam..and The Cottam family please stay strong and you will get through this.Just know everyone loves you Ty. Say hi to my mom and help her stay safe and she will help you too<3
love your friend..Carrie Bragg<3
Tyler James♥  / Crystal Sigurdson (Friend)  Read >>
Tyler James♥  / Crystal Sigurdson (Friend)
Hey Tyler
miss you so much already, this is all so crazy.. just cant believe a great guy like you had to leave.. gunna miss buggin you at school and giving you free hockey cards at mcdonalds :P .. 
you are honestly the nicest guy i know, always putting a smile on mine and everyone elses face. you will be greatly missed by all but never forgotten.. all your memories with every one will be in our hearts forever... taker easy up there buddy.. ill see you again someday.. 
miss you♥
rest in peace!♥
Crystal Close
RIP.....i miss you soo much PUNK<3  / Mikaela Kroeker (Good Friend/Worked with him this past summer )  Read >>
RIP.....i miss you soo much PUNK<3  / Mikaela Kroeker (Good Friend/Worked with him this past summer )
Tyler Cottam!
    where do i begin? You were one of the nicest, most amazing people i know....you always knew exactly waht to say or do to cheer someone up when they were blue. A time with Tyler was the time of your life, you could never go hang out with him and leave without amazing mermories. when you were with Tyler you were in for a surprise.
    Tyler you were deffinately on the top of my friends list, you always had my back, made me laugh when i needed cheering up, took things serious when i needed you to, you cared about me like i was your brother and you let no one touch/hurt me. As of a few days ago you are now my gaurdian angel, i know you still will always have my back but its not the same as seeing you and your smile. Not being able to see you or talk to you all the time is gonna tear me apart slowing, painfully and cause alot of depression and crazy-ness in my life. You affected lives of soo many people from Fort to Rainy and up to Nestor, which makes this tragic incident soo much hard to take and handle. Everyone has memories of you that will always be close to their hearts, they will never forget them and you will always have a spot in there heart! Everyone will rember you for who you are, the friendliest, nicest, coolest, one of a kind, funniest, biggest goof they now, beautiful hearted person with the love of a million people. NO one can take that title from you, there is and will only be one Tyler James Cottam!
    Even though our road togeather was short and ended way to soon we made  the best of everyday and thats what matters most.iM SOO lucky to have all these great fond memories of you.... you are one of the greatest people i know and that will never change.
    The pain of losing you will hurt for a long long time, reality is kicking in and its getting harder to take but with you always by everyones side i know we will all make it through this. WE are sooooooooooo lucky to have known such an amazing person like you!
    I send my love to your whole family, Always remember the positive, happy memories of him, stay strong and remember Tyler is watching over you guys and he loves you with all his heart.
RIP: Tyler cottam
Soon enough we will all be back with you partying exactly were we left off!
Missing you more and more everyday, you will ALWAYS be loved and NEVER forgotten!!!!!♥♥♥♥
Tyler Cottam  / Ashley Jewett (Friend)  Read >>
Tyler Cottam  / Ashley Jewett (Friend)

It hasn't hit me yet that your gone, it hasnt hit anybody yet. it's just too much to bare and to horrible to believe. nobody ever guessed something like tis would ever have happened to such a great guy who was so full of life. there are so many good memories that we have all made together, in Nestor, in Rainy, Stratton, wherever it was. but that's all we have now. i think thats what hurts the most is that we know we cant geet that back again. its so hard to everyone hurt, its hard to tink that you were so young and you had a whole life ahead of you bud. it doesnt seem real, and it never will... you will always be here with us in our heads and our hearts and in our pictures. we will never forget you tyler...we can't

We love you tyler and we all miss you soo much. we can only hope that someday we'll see you again, and i hope you dont regret anything and i hope you realized how many friends you had and how much you meant to each and everyone of them

luv u always bud, we'll never forget

Cottam Family  / Carol Aka Bsangel1   Read >>
Cottam Family  / Carol Aka Bsangel1

My deepest and most sincere condolences to you. May God hold you all close in these most tragic of times and forever more.

I'm so sorry, Joanne  / TFW (GB member )  Read >>
I'm so sorry, Joanne  / TFW (GB member )

Joanne, I wish there were words to make you and your family feel better.   Even though I didnt know you except thru the GB, I knew of your deep love for, and pride in, Tyler and your entire family.   There are no words to ease your pain; only time can diminish the rawness of your grief.    Please know that so many people are praying for youall.

You are not alone  / Robin Shearer   Read >>
You are not alone  / Robin Shearer
I'm sorry to say I did not know Tyler or his family. My mother is on the giving board for ebay. She told me all about it. On July 25 2006 my 19 yr old son Chris was shot and finally passed away July 27 2006. So I too know the pain you are all suffering. No parent or family should not have to endure this grief that has been thrust upon you. I wish with all my heart I could take your pain away, because I know how much it hurts. If any of you feel the need to talk about Tyler to someone who's been thru it and knows how you are feeling. Feel free to email me. I know when it happened to me I felt so alone. Just know you are not alone. And I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Close
Don't Weep for Me  / Kiley Hanson (Friend)  Read >>
Don't Weep for Me  / Kiley Hanson (Friend)

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am in a thousand winds that blow,
I am the softly falling snow.
I am the gentle showers of rain,
I am the fields of ripening grain.

I am in the morning hush,
I am in the graceful rush
Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
I am the starshine of the night.

I am in the flowers that bloom,
I am in a quiet room,
I am the birds that sing,
I am in each lovely thing.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I do not die.

~Mary Frye, 1932

With Deepest Sympathy  / Joy Tilley Perryman (Joyous5 Giving Board Friend )  Read >>
With Deepest Sympathy  / Joy Tilley Perryman (Joyous5 Giving Board Friend )
To the Whole Cottam Family,
  My family's thoughts and prayers are with you in this dark time.  Words seem so inadequate at this moment, so I will just say that I am praying for you all. Close
My deepest sympathy  / Kathy Vellucci (Maureen's sister, Mother to Michael )  Read >>
My deepest sympathy  / Kathy Vellucci (Maureen's sister, Mother to Michael )
Dearest Joanne,
I have never had the chance to speak with you but my sister Maureen has passed many of your messages along to me.
I am so sorry for your loss.  I know only too well the unspeakable pain you must feel at this time.  There are no words that can discribe the loss of a child.  If you ever need to talk , to cry, to just greive with someone who knows your pain,  please feel free to contact me.  Be strong, you will survive this Close
Tyler cottam..  / Meaghan Jasper (YourWagon&BestFriend-<3)  Read >>
Tyler cottam..  / Meaghan Jasper (YourWagon&BestFriend-<3)
This is still far from being real.. you should be here with us now, there is so many memories we have together from you teaching me how to drive a boat which was scary :)  to many many road trips and adventures like the times we had to steal trav's car in the morning so we could bot get to work on time butjust about everytime we had some problem from running out of gas to almost hitting ppl passed out on the side of the road.. I have learned so much from you ty i cant even explain it.. You were always there for me when i had problems with anything at anytime.. i have no idea what i am going to do without you..

Joanne, Harvey, Darrin, Scotty and Katelyn i am so sorry about everything your son was one amazing person , no one will ever be able to replace him and the things he would do for just about anyone..I love you so much Tyler James Cottam, nothing is going to be the same without you around buddy ! ! <3 .

.Heart.Your.One.And.Only.Wagon. Close
Deepest sympathy  / Sandy (friend)  Read >>
Deepest sympathy  / Sandy (friend)

My deepest sympathy to you Joanne and all of your family.  Tyler was a very special child and we all got to know him from your posts on the GB as well as the rest of your family.  Many prayers that the LORD will keep you close and give you peace.


I love you baby, forever.  / Rachel Dutton (Girlfriend)  Read >>
I love you baby, forever.  / Rachel Dutton (Girlfriend)
Tyler James, I don't even know where to start. The past three years have been amazing. We laughed together, cried together, fought about EVERYTHING together, but through it all, we always managed to love each other.

Yesterday was by far the hardest day of my life. I prayed the whole way to the hospital. It's still a shock to me. I feel lost, confused. heartbroken, upset, but most of all I feel so lucky to have shared the best years of my life with someone as special as you. I know I really got on your nerves from time to time, but none of that ever mattered to you.  You loved me through thick and thin. And I loved you right back.

You're my best friend. My lover. My everything. Your love and passion for life inspired so many people. You were a great guy. A huge goofball, and that's why everyone loved you so very much. Your goofy personality and charisma could cheer up the saddest person in the world.

I went to see your family tonight. It was tough, but it showed how much you truly were loved. They all know how much you loved them and forever will cherish your presence. You definetly stood out. No one could ever take your place.

I better cut myself off here. Just know, that I love you and I will make sure your family is okay. I know I made you alot of promises but I made you a promise that I'd love you forever and that's not one I will ever break. You were my soulmate and I miss you more than words can ever begin to describe.

Joanne, Harvey, Darrin, Kaitlyn, Scotty, Stan, Judy, and all other family and friends, I love you all and I see a part of him in each and everyone of you. Please, forever keep the legacy of Tyler James going. Speak of all the memories. Laugh about the goofiness and all his ridiculous jokes.  Love him and remember him, for he was and always will be, an amazing young man.

I miss you Tyler James. I can't wait to be with you again. I love you so much. I don't know what I'll do without you. I love you forever babe.
In Sympathy  / Di Baker (friend)  Read >>
In Sympathy  / Di Baker (friend)
My condolences to Joanne and her family on their loss.  You are all in my prayers.  God grant you peace in this saddest of times. Close
Rest In Peace Tyler Cottam, You Will Be Forever Missed.  / Elizabeth Tucker   Read >>
Rest In Peace Tyler Cottam, You Will Be Forever Missed.  / Elizabeth Tucker
I didnt know Tyler, but i know what it feels like to lose a loved one. And i know that tyler was that to so many people. I dont know why we are losing so many great young people, but  that  just proves that the saying "only the good die young" is true, Because  all of the people that Fort Frances has lost this year were more the good, they were amazing people and still are. Noone  will  forget  the times spent with Tyler and he will be in all of our hearts forever.
I'll always be thinkin about his family& rachel. Be strong and keep your heads up, cherish the good times and dont mourn on the bad. Rest in peace Tyler Cottam, you'll be forever missed.

Much love,
Liz Tucker. Close
With a heavy heart..My prayers go out...  / Kristy Tatum (GB friend/family )  Read >>
With a heavy heart..My prayers go out...  / Kristy Tatum (GB friend/family )
Cottam Family-
I am so sorry to hear of Tylers death. He is an angel now looking over us all. Prayer and hugs to Joanne and her family.

Tyler- Remember to stop by and give momma angel kisses. Watch over your siblings and keep them safe.
RIP Tyler!

HUGS The Tatum Family in KY Close
Love and Prayers to Joanne and family  / Jojo(Joanne) Fitzgerald (Friend)  Read >>
Love and Prayers to Joanne and family  / Jojo(Joanne) Fitzgerald (Friend)
Joanne and family.
I  want to express my deepest sympathy.You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
(((Joanne))) "Little Sis".. I love you and I am here for you.


RIP Tyler Close
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