Tyler Cottam
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Aunt Janet lit a candle on 12/05/2008: "Thinking of you today with a sad heart. I know how badly your Mom is hurting, so bring her some joy. She needs it."
Hazel Corkett lit a candle on 12/05/2008: "Thinking of you all today and always. Hope you got my letter. Love to you allxxxxxxxxxxx"
Mom Forever Yours lit a candle on 12/05/2008: "I love you honey...boy do I miss you...I have cried a million tears today..I miss you and love you..mom xxoo"
Maureen Ahokas lit a candle on 12/04/2008: "It will be a year tomorrow- Please look over your mom, dad, Darrin, Scotty, and Kaitlyn tomorrow and always."
Uncle Kenny lit a candle on 12/04/2008: "Thinking about you."
Tyler Herman lit a candle on 12/03/2008: "Hey ty. almost been a year man, I still cant believe it, fired a puck around the arena for u man love u man. from HERMAN"
Your Mom Missing You lit a candle on 11/28/2008: "this time last year was th last time all of us were together..I miss you so much Ty...ILY 4ever MOM xxoo"
Mom Thinking Of You lit a candle on 11/20/2008: "Hi hon...your cross is finally up..I miss you so much..wish you were still here. love you xxoo mom"
DAWN (NJ) lit a candle on 11/12/2008: "Wish we got to meet you Tyler. I know you have one great mom.I bet you are looking down being very proud of mom"
Joanne Your Mom lit a candle on 11/05/2008: "Hey Ty...11 months now and it has not gotten any easier, harder..I love and miss you so much..MOM xxoo"
Tyler Herman lit a candle on 11/05/2008: "Hey ty,... ice is gonna be in soon at the tennis court.. wish u were still here to play hockey with us... love ya tyler,"
Mom And Dad Miss You.... lit a candle on 10/31/2008: "Happy Halloween Tyler... We miss you and Know you are enjoying candy somewhere. xxoo mom and dad"
Samantha Brown lit a candle on 10/29/2008: "We miss you so much Ty. In my heart forever. We smile whenever we think about you."
Mom Is Okay.... Just Missing You Ty lit a candle on 10/23/2008: "I love you sweetie...miss you so much!! I am sending you HUGS...love mom xxoo"
Marlene Aka. Grzlymom lit a candle on 10/20/2008: "lighting a candle for the family and friends that are missing you so dearly."
Mom Loves You. lit a candle on 10/18/2008: "Ty...I miss you so much, so hard to bare life anymore....xxoo your my angel...mom"
Hazel Corkett lit a candle on 10/14/2008: "Just want to say I think of you every day, check the site every day, read what you write every day. Love to you. Hazelx"
Tyler's Mom Joanne Always Thinking Of U. lit a candle on 10/05/2008: "10 months today honey..I sure miss you..thanks for all the great finds today. ILY mom xxoo miss U!"
Bobbiesue Cjsparents Carman lit a candle on 10/02/2008: "Thinking of you!"
Your MOm Forever lit a candle on 09/24/2008: "I miss you honey....I am so lost with out you, I feel like I can not breath at all. I love you forever & ever MOM xxo"
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