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This memorial website was created in the memory of our oldest son, Tyler Cottam who was born in Canada on August 15,1989 and passed away tragically on December 05, 2007. We will remember and love him forever. His contagious smile and blue eyes that lit up with a sparkle when he told a story or a joke, He laughed from his belly, would get anyone laughing just to hear him laugh. FOREVER 18

I encourage anyone who might have pictures of Tyler to post them here. 

A short Brief.  Tyler was hunting with 3 of his friends. When they were done and getting ready to leave. Tyler was sitting in the back seat. One of his friends was standing outside the truck, unloading his gun facing towards Tyler, lever action rifle and on the 3rd or the 4th unload he accidently hit the trigger which hit Tyler upper chest,nicking both lungs and severing his spine and then lodging into his other shoulder.  He said he was shot and then with in mins passed. His friends did everything they could do afterwards, got him to the hospital, worked on him, they worked on him for a hour at the hospital. Nothing.......My beloved son gone forever.... His dad and I sat for 3 hours with him, along with his brother Darrin and his Girlfriend Rachel...... He died way too young, for as great of a person he was....

Never point a gun up, always down at the ground.  If you think these things will never happen, think again...... my son is proof. I personally hate guns, he couldn't wait to get his gun and safety course so he could go deer hunting. He got his license and registration.  Tried to hunt on weekends with his grandpa or a friend or his dad.

Tyler was in College studing to become a teacher, he was getting his placement in January at a daycare, and he was very excited. He had a special heart for children who were autistic. He would always tell me, someday mom I will find the cure to unlock them from their mysterious world.

 He also worked at a local furniture/computer/sterio store as the delivery man in the winters and Guided for Tinkers in the summers.   Always checking in on his grandparents, mom and dad, his 2 brothers and 1 sister.  He was our oldest. Always wanted to know what dad was up to?!

 He had his truck he was rebuilding that he was so proud of and put a lot of money into. (its in my garage needs to be finished) he was so proud the day he painted the engine orange! He also leaves behind his dog Cheyenne he rescued...she is a beautiful dog... 1 year old.  He also loved to spend time with his Grandpa and was a hard worker.

He LOVED to play the guitar, Hank Williams to AC/DC, didn't matter on the guitar, he played by ear,it was the first thing he picked up and the last thing he laid down in a day...

He played hockey. Born to play hockey! left wing or defense. He had a hip check patented and a slap and wrist shot that was so fast.  This boy has broken a puck in half and drove one into a wall half way.  I loved to watch him play.  Sure miss that.  His dad coached a few years. They were good together. So was Darrin, I really regret not letting them play on the same team last year.  It would of been cool to see the Cottam boys work together on a team.

We lost our son, the one that took us 5 years to have. He was everything we wanted and then some. He put every gray hair on my head and his dad's!!!  A true angel on borrowed time I guess...God only takes the best.   His grandparents are there with him along with his first dog Chelsea.... we see him in spirit from time to time..he is with us.....We love you Tyler......always and forever and ever....Mom and Dad, Darrin, Kaitlyn and Scott

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To Tyler   / Christine Ross
Thinking of you Tyler. Please give Luke a hug for me. Christine, Luke's Mom 1979 - 2001 May the force be with you..... christineross01@msn.com LucasChristopherRoss.net
whats new with us...   / Joanne Cottam (mom)
Hi hon, I have been trying to get to this website for months. Its coming up on 5 years here pretty soon and the people are starting to show up in hunting gear, Dr. says I have PTSD. Its really tough, I cry all the time. You have a lot of family up ...  Continue >>
Happy 22nd Birthday in Heaven My very missed SON..   / Your Family Missesyou (family)
Hi Ty...... Today has been a tough day although I tried my best to make is special for the kids its still really hard to keep a smile on my face.  So much loss lately Ty it didn't stop with you...we lost grandma and great grandma and a few of yo...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday Ty   / Aunt Tracy (Auntie)
Mei your star shine bright in the sky tonight.   Love Aunt Tracy
Happy Birthday Tyler   / Aunt Tracy
Happy Birthday Ty.  I miss our phone calls to each other on our special day.  I am so lucky to have you as one of my angels to answer my prayers and help me get through these last few months.  I miss you.  Happy Birthday.  Lo...  Continue >>
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2 yrs gone from us now......it is not any easier..  / Joanne Cottam (Sad mom )    Read >>
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His legacy
June 18, 2008
What We Can’t See
The Unseen World

Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, although this is a common way in which people deny the existence of spirit guides, angels, and other unseen helpers in our lives. However, anyone who has encountered such beings can attest to the fact that they do, indeed, exist, just as our breath exists, keeping us alive, even though we can’t see it. The wind exists, too, but we only know this because we feel it on our skin and hear it moving the leaves on the trees. All around us and within us are things we can’t see, and yet we know they are just as real as the grass beneath our feet.

What we see and don’t see may just be a matter of perspective, like the ladybug who sees the leaf on which she sits, but not the tree the leaf grows on, or the person sitting beneath it. And the person beneath the tree may or may not see the ladybug, depending on where he focuses his attention. Still, all of these things, whether seen or not seen by the person or the ladybug, exist in reality. Some people are more gifted at accessing that which we cannot see, but given an open and willing heart, anyone can tune into the invisible realm and begin to find their way.

Human beings have always done this, and it is only recently that we have fallen into distrusting the existence of what we can’t see. If you have lost touch with the unseen world, all you have to do is resolve to open your heart to its existence, and it will make itself known. Closing your eyes in meditation and visualization, or engaging the unseen through the written word, are just two ways to welcome the invisible back into your life. Whatever you choose to do, cultivating a relationship with that which you can’t see is a time-honored human practice that can greatly enhance your life.
Lost of child  

The moment that I knew you had died,
My heart split in two,
The one side filled with memories,
The other died with you.

I often lay awake at night,
When the world is fast asleep,
And take a walk down memory lane,
With tears upon my cheek.

Remembering you is easy,
I do it every day,
But missing you is a heartache,
That never goes away.

I hold you tightly within my heart,
And there you will remain,
Life has gone on without you,
But it never will be the same.

For those who still have their children,
Treat them with tender care,
You will never know the emptiness,
As when you turn and they are not there.

Heaven's Door  

If I should go before you,
if life on earth were through;
I will stop just inside Heaven's door,
and there I will wait for you.

You have but to look across star filled skies
Past the moon and then beyond
To know my leaving could never break,
This heart's undying bond.

And if you should go before me,
If your journey on earth were through;
You know I will be close behind,
I will never be far from you.

Across the span of time and space,
This love will reach this far;
For you will always carry a bit of my heart,
No matter where you are.

We have no way of knowing who will remain,
Or who will go on before;
But if I should go first, you will find love there.
I will be waiting just inside Heaven's door.

Author Unknown

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